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Internships in China are hot right now – get work experience in the world’s (only) red-hot economy that really makes your resumé stand out!

Things to research

Before we get to the big list of links, here are the main points you need to consider: decide what you want and then see if the program matches

  1. Location (major city? dodgy industrial suburbs of major city? semi rural boondocks?)
  2. Timings: length and start date
  3. Target industry and specialism … or focus on volunteer / charity / ecological projects?
  4. Direct placement with a company or via an agency/organization arranging it (this can affect whether you are working alone or in a group) — and is the organization based in your home country?
  5. Do we know anything about the Chinese company and how to research more about it
  6. Position requirements / your level of experience and skills
  7. Accommodation arrangements and location (would you like to try a long commute across Beijing every day?)
  8. Working hours and holiday allowance
  9. Supervision and working environment
  10. Any business travel requirements or all working in one place
  11. Leisure/tourism arrangements by host company or agency
  12. Any Chinese language requirements
  13. Whether Chinese language study is included in the program
  14. Whether the company offers any living costs or stipend (they will not really be able to call it a salary)
  15. Visa arrangement process and responsibility for costs
  16. Flight arrangement and costs
  17. Possibility of free travel after the internship
  18. Paperwork requirements for agency/program signup and time to complete
  19. Pre-payment / deposit and overall fees required from the agency/organization (should probably put this at no.1 question!)
  20. Paperwork confirming contracts and expectations
  21. What, if any, formal paperwork / references you are going to get from the Chinese company at the end
  22. Whether agency/organization can offer contact to previous participants or at least show their previous comments and help with FAQs
  23. Whether the agency/organizer offers any advice or assistance on what to buy / wear / do / learn before coming to China (for complete beginners or  younger students)
  24. Whether the program will be able to match any of your special dietary needs… mobility needs… medical needs…
  25. Whether you can meet representatives of the agency/organizer in your home country in advance


List of China Internship Programs

The following list is in rough order of how popular/famous the program is.

The list includes Hong Kong Internships because, duh, that is also China. But for sure not the same kind of experience as a Mainland China internship placement 😀

The linked companies come with no implied recommendation or guarantee – always do your due diligence and try to get in touch with people who have already done an internship with a particular organization.

Also don’t forget to check out the Shenzhen internships currently advertised right here on Shenzhen Jobs.

Please send us new program links or any corrections through the comments on this article or via our contact form.

Hired China Internships

HiredChina Internships

New and professionally focused English language China jobs site: A variety of internships including some well known companies and main focus on Shenzhen and Qingdao.

HiredChina Facebook Page

Intuu China Internships


“Going beyond together” sounds a bit like the slogan of a Luohu massage parlor… just kidding.

Intuu China has a variety of internships in Beijing and Shanghai.

IntuuChina Facebook Page

CRCC Asia internships


This is definitely one of the major and best established internship programs specialising in China. Includes Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen [woot!]

CRCC Asia Facebook Page


ELI Abroad China internships

Experiential Learning International / ELI

Internships in Shanghai with a variety of industries to look at.

ELI Facebook Page

Hutong School internship in China

Hutong School

Definitely one of the cooler and better marketed brands around, Hutong School cover Beijing, Shanghai, and Chengdu with strong offerings for people wanting to learn Chinese.

Hutong School Facebook Page


CIS Abroad


An international organization offering all kinds of student study programs in different countries, the China programs focus on language learning in Beijing and Shanghai.

CIS Abroad Facebook Page


Dream Careers Summer Internships

DreamCareers Summer Internships

As the domain name would suggest, this is a vacation-timed program with placements in several US and European cities. The China program seems to be just Hong Kong at the moment, but this is a unique city and good way to get China on your CV without actually going through the full culture shock of the mainland.

Dream Careers Facebook Page

Projects Abroad China internships


Volunteer placements as well as business internships in a variety of professions including medicine and law, in Shanghai and Chengdu.

ProjectsAbroad Facebook Page


The Intern Group hong kong

 The Intern Group

Internships in various major world cities and the China one is in Hong Kong. This looks like a well established organization.

The Intern Group Facebook Page

i to i teach English abroad

i-to-i /

This is an Egnlish teaching internship which would be a good way to start an international TEFL/ESL career, although another way of looking at it would be that this is a way for new teachers to jump in at the deep end of a very challenging environment for expat teachers…

i-to-i TEFL Facebook Page

Dragons internships


The domain name “where there be dragons” sounds ridiculous, but this organization clearly has excellent experience running gap year and other programs all around Southeast Asia as well as China.

Dragons on Twitter 


Frontier Gap - work abroad



Masses of countries covered by this organization. Focus on adventure travel… excellent for Gap Year experiences…

Frontier Gap on Twitter




These folks have literally trademarked China internships so they ought to know what they are doing! Covering Qingdao, Chengdu, and little known but lovely Zhuhai (really near Shenzhen). Includes homestay programs – good way to get deeper into the culture and food!

Intern China Facebook Page


World Endeavors internships

World Endeavors

Beijing and Shanghai internships with a wide variety of industries to look at.

World Endeavors Facebook Page


Global Links and ISA internships

Globalinks Learning Abroad with ISA

Good variety of internships on offer in Shanghai, including a placement with an animal hospital.

Seriously, an internship holding koalas in China. What are you waiting for.

Go Intern Abroad Facebook Page


World Internships

World Internships

Shanghai and Beijing internships with a very nicely set up website that lets you begin the application online.

World Internships Facebook Page


Knowledge Must

Knowledge Must

Knowledge of China must you have, true global intern to be, hmm? Eat chicken feet or do not eat chicken feet, there is no try, mhhh!

Seriously there are some very nice resources on this site, check it out. Strong India connections and apparently have China base in Chengdu. Why not intern in Sichuan and then in India for a complete spicy food initiation!

Knowledge Must Facebook Page


API study abroad

API Study Abroad

Beijing and Shanghai placements. We couldn’t say it better than their introduction, so here it is verbatim:

China presents a fascinating juxtaposition – it is home to one of the world’s most ancient civilizations caught in the midst of some of the most rapid expansion of economy and infrastructure in history. The pace of development and change has grown exponentially over the course of three decades, and now cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Gaungzhou (among others) are world-class centers of business, culture, finance, and trade. There has never been a better time to travel to or study abroad in China – take the leap with API!

API Study Abroad Facebook Page


Connect123 internships


Connect 123

USA based organization arranging internships in Shanghai. Includes volunteer opportunities.

Connect 123 Facebook Page


More internship program links to be added soon… use the comments form for more suggestions! If you represent any of these organizations please contact us to add expanded/updated information.

When you are new in Shenzhen it can be hard to get your head around the size of this sprawling and still expanding city… you will be forgiven if you don’t get outside your district of the city much, let alone know exactly how far Baoan stretches before it becomes… Guangming? And who knows where Longhua stops and Longgang begins…? Probably quite a lot of Shenzhen taxi drivers wouldn’t be that clear…

So we’ve put together two maps, the first showing all the districts of Shenzhen (hover over to show labels)… and laowai will definitely appreciate having the proper pinyin tone marks 😉

Shenzhen Map

Thumbnail linking to Shenzhen map

Shenzhen city districts map (click to view)

Guangdong Map

Guangdong Province Map thumbnail

Guangdong Province online map (click to view)

Secondly (above) we did a Guangdong Province map so you can see what is beyond the world of Shenzhen (heading away from Hong Kong!)… look how much cool China there is to explore in every direction… especially the coastline to the west down towards Hainan… enticing!

The cartography is by the awesome @PatrickStotz of – check out his site for some incredible digital maps.

Your comments are welcome, especially corrections!

And what other maps would be useful? For example, we’re thinking of doing a Shenzhen Metro map to help expats with the station name pronunciation…

Here are 6 places where you just kind of have to go, in order to be able to say that you’ve been there, and not seem like a complete Shenzhen noob… As for how great a use of your weekend time they are, your mileage will vary…

1. China Folk Cultural Village

Located at the west side of Shenzhen, China Folk Cultural Village was founded in 1991. An area of 158,000 square kilometers, the village is a kind of light-hearted park showing simplified versions of some of China’s 56 minorities. Lots of mini performances to see and about 56 gift shops.

2. The Window of the World

Often called “World Window” in Chinglish, this theme park located in western Shenzhen should probably more correctly have been called Window on the World… but anyway it has about 130 reproductions of some of the most famous tourist attractions in the world squeezed into 48 hectares. These include a 108-metre scaled-down replica Eiffel Tower, mini Egyptian Pyramids and the Taj Mahal.

3. Dafen Village

This suburb of a suburb [Buji] of Shenzhen was created in the early nineties by a group of twenty artists under the leadership of the painter and businessman Huang Jiang. They specialized in producing copies of paintings by famous artists like Van Gogh, Dali, Leonardo and Rembrandt. They often turned out sev aeral replicas a day from their residence in this town. More artists joined them, since the Chinese practice is to have lots of similar shops clumped together. Thousands now live here. The village sells both originals and replicas. It is possible to commission paintings for low prices. The village has a large sculpture of a hand holding a paintbrush outside its gates. This may or may not be for sale.

4. Happy Valley

Happy Valley is actually the brand of a Chinese national chain of amusement parks located in various cities. But Shenzhen’s was the first one, opened in 1998. Since then five more have opened in Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai, Wuhan, and Tianjin. So basically Shenzhen has something in its history that is older than these other cities now.

The 350,000-square-metre park is composed of nine themed areas including Spanish Square, Cartoon City, Mt. Adventure, Gold Mine Town, Shangri-la Woods, Sunshine Beach, Typhoon Bay, Playa Maya Water Park and Happy Times. All of these involve vast amounts of queueing for things. The Playa Maya Water Park is open for five months each year, and is themed after the Mayan civilization with buildings and statues in Mayan architectural styles. Outside of the park the “Happy Line” monorail train has a stop near the entrance of Happy Valley and is definitely worth ticking off your SZ bucket list.

monorail… Monorail… MONORAIL!

5. Shenzhen Bay Sports Center

This is a multi-use stadium in Shenzhen opened in 2011 as one of many large projects for the universiade. The facility’s main use is table tennis, swimming and football competitions. The stadium holds 20,000 spectators.

6. Wutong Mountain

At 943.7m in height, Wutong is the tallest mountain in Shenzhen. One of Shenzhen citizens’ most popular activities is climbing the mountain on one of the many trails. The trails vary in difficulty. Along the way there are some breathtaking vistas, as well as large spiders, mosquitoes, and snakes. On a clear day you can see Hong Kong. Bring plenty of water.

View from Wutong Mountain on a pretty clear day…