5 Areas That Are Hot for Entrepreneurs in China Right Now

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If you are thinking of starting up your own business and you are already living in China or thinking of relocating, here are 5 top opportunity areas you need to know about…

Opening a food business in China might be a bit competitive though... Image: Ming Xia Beijing jian bing triptych https://www.flickr.com/photos/xiaming/92389832/

Opening a food business in China might be a bit competitive …
Ming Xia
Beijing jian bing triptych

Not everyone is carved out for a 9 to 5 job. Some people are more comfortable being their own bosses, but the real issue is getting set up, and this is hardly ever an easy endeavor. It becomes even more difficult when you move to an entire different part of the world. Here, it doesn’t hurt to know a thing or two about what people actually want. After all, all successful businesses are built on the back of satisfied customers.

Now China is a booming economy, and its population guarantees demand if you know the right things to offer. In general, the economy is a haven for new businesses, but even then there are niches that if carved offer much more than others. These are profitable volcanoes, ready to be erupted. So, if you are bent on going ahead with a venture in China, we put forth for you the most attractive business opportunities from that part of the world.



It is no secret that China has its priorities set when it comes to education. The nation realizes the importance of having world-class education, and so, spends a great buck on educating itself. When it comes to paying the cost of education, you are not on the favorable side, but the same high tuition turns into revenue when you change roles. So, the demand is certainly there and considering it is education we are talking about, it is there to stay. If you can offer great quality education, this venture could turn out to be more lucrative than you would expect it to.


With people becoming more and more conscious about their appearance, there is a window of opportunity that many small-scale businesses have exploited over the years. What people want are specialized skincare products that cater to their specific superficial needs. The sub-niches in this niche offer you a crossroad – women-only products, or those designed for men, there is ample room for you to choose from. Which way you wish to steer your business is entirely up to you, what is of more importance is that not only is China interested in such personalized products, but is also able to afford them. So, why not provide an aging, yet wealthy, China with it what it wants?


One reality you will become acquainted with after you move to that part of the world is that there is some serious lack of international food. You’d see it here and there, and that is about it. Expats and tourist usually struggle finding food that they are comfortable with, while the locals can also do with a slight change in the menu. One to consider for experienced chefs and restaurateurs…

Green Technology

China’s pollution issues are no longer a matter that the Chinese government can turn its head away from. It is worried and it is in need of solutions, however small they may be. This is where you come in. While it may not be a walk in the park to get contracts, and some may even require you to have internal contacts in the government, it should not deter you from having a go. People have tried and succeeded in providing green-technology before, and there is no reason why you wouldn’t.

Internet Business

Internet is something that can bring all of China together and touch new heights, and the rise of Alibaba is a proof of that. Unfortunately, there is no enough internet access in the country. The demand is there, standing idle and unfulfilled. Their misfortune is your opportunity. Easy to set up, a small-scale internet business would go a long way in providing both the parties with exactly what they need.

Setting up in business in China requires superhuman patience. Try not to get as abstracted as this guy though... http://kotaku.com/naked-man-meditates-in-busy-chinese-street-1324006597

Setting up in business in China requires superhuman patience. Try not to get as abstracted as this guy though… http://kotaku.com/naked-man-meditates-in-busy-chinese-street-1324006597

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