CCTV intro video: From village to city, the story of Shenzhen’s growth

Posted by | 2014-10-01 | Shenzhen

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Zhuang Tiefeng, villager from Shuiwei, Shenzhen, said, “In the old times that place was just marshland, and that way was also marshland. It belonged to the old village. My name is Zhuang Tiefeng, I am 65 years old. I was born in Shuiwei. In the old times we were all farmers. When we were not farming the villagers would go fishing. After the opening up and reform, Shuiwei village had a huge change. The old way of farming gave way to new industry and business and we were able to rent out our buildings to people from outside. The village income changed from tens of thousands of RMB to hundreds of millions of RMB. That’s an amazing change!

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