Shenzhen Districts Map and Guangdong Province Map

Posted by | 2014-11-19 | Shenzhen

When you are new in Shenzhen it can be hard to get your head around the size of this sprawling and still expanding city… you will be forgiven if you don’t get outside your district of the city much, let alone know exactly how far Baoan stretches before it becomes… Guangming? And who knows where Longhua stops and Longgang begins…? Probably quite a lot of Shenzhen taxi drivers wouldn’t be that clear…

So we’ve put together two maps, the first showing all the districts of Shenzhen (hover over to show labels)… and laowai will definitely appreciate having the proper pinyin tone marks 😉

Shenzhen Map

Thumbnail linking to Shenzhen map

Shenzhen city districts map (click to view)

Guangdong Map

Guangdong Province Map thumbnail

Guangdong Province online map (click to view)

Secondly (above) we did a Guangdong Province map so you can see what is beyond the world of Shenzhen (heading away from Hong Kong!)… look how much cool China there is to explore in every direction… especially the coastline to the west down towards Hainan… enticing!

The cartography is by the awesome @PatrickStotz of – check out his site for some incredible digital maps.

Your comments are welcome, especially corrections!

And what other maps would be useful? For example, we’re thinking of doing a Shenzhen Metro map to help expats with the station name pronunciation…

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